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How is your yarn dyed?

For the most part, I used acid dyes. I do, at times, dye with natural materials and yarn using this method is clearly marked in its product description.

Can you help me with color selection?

Yes, yes and yes! I love putting together combinations for my customers. I'm happy to gather colorways if in stock and take photos for you. Please note that sometimes my more common colors are dyed on the day they are ordered if I do not have a huge backstock of undyed yarns. That said, I may have the color in stock on a different base for comparison.

Where does your yarn come from? 

Currently, all of my undyed yarn is sourced from the same supplier. The Superwash Merino is mulesing-free and comes from a variety of farms in Argentina, Uruguay and Europe and is processed in a state-of-the-art effluent treatment plant accredited with the EU Flower and OEKO-TEX 100.

The Mohair comes from farms in Europe and South Africa and is spun at a mill which has a focus on animal welfare.

The Bluefaced Leicester comes from the UK.

The Highland Wool is sourced from small farms and spun in Peru and the Alpaca is sourced from smaller farms in the Peruvian Andes.

The Linen is grown and processed in Europe and the Nylon, which is in several of the sock blends, is produced in Germany

Of the more exotic fibers, the Camel comes from Africa and the Yak comes from Tibet & Mongolia. The Silk comes primarily from China and the Cashmere also comes from China or Mongolia

Can I return any unused yarn?

In principle, no, but if there is a clear problem, please send me a message. Please keep in mind that I do my best to take color-true pictures, but your screen may show colors differently from mine. The yarn is in small batches and a single skein from an older colorway is hard for me to sell again. There are many yarn-trading/resale groups on both Facebook and Ravelry. If you have had a tangling incident in the winding process, this is not grounds for return. I believe in you! You CAN untangle it or find somebody who loves that kind of task. For Norwegian buyers, please see salgsbetingelser.

Why don't all my skeins look the same?

Hand-dyeing yarn is not an exact art. That is what I consider to be so special about it. To me, it makes the yarn more alive. If you are making a larger project and find that your skeins are not the same, a common technique is to alternate skeins for several rows as you come close to starting a new skein. Some people even alternate rows for entire projects. 

My yarn has joins in it. Is it flawed?

Believe it or not, it is considered industry standard to allow up to 3 knots per 50 grams of yarn. Considering most of my skeins are 100 grams, that would be 6. First of all, and thankfully, my supplier does not knot the wool. I knit a lot with my own yarn and only very occasionally do I notice a join and it is done very artfully and only in yarn that can take it. I've never seen it in alpaca blends, for example. If you are concerned about the strength of a join, I recommend knotting it a few inches before and after, snip it and just weave in the resulting ends as if you were transitioning from one skein to another.

How do I wind my yarn?

It is very important that you locate the ties (going perpendicular to the yarn) and make sure that the yarn is going in the right direction. One strand going over, rather than within, the ties is all it takes to turn into a tangled mess. If you expect to be using more hand-dyed yarn, I highly recommend buying a swift and a winder. If you can only afford one at a time, start with the swift. There will soon be a video available to show you how to wind up the yarn.

How much is shipping?

Ah, well, the yarn is coming from Norway and it's not the cheapest place for shipping. However, I do my best to keep the shipping price low. I actually eat some of the shipping costs on every package and I offer free shipping for a certain minimum order. See this page for shipping rates.

Do you gift wrap?

If you are sending a gift, feel free to send me a message or comment during check-out and I would be happy to wrap your order as a gift at no charge.