FREE SHIPPING WITH MINIMUM ORDER - 800kr within Norway, 120EUR to Europe and $160 to the rest of the world.


*Due to worldwide covid issues, shipping is taking longer than usual outside of Norway*

Processing time is usually within 1-4 work days. The delivery time varies based on buyer's location. Packages have a delivery time of about two days within Norway, one week to Europe and 10 days to 2 weeks to the rest of the world. It is not unusual for it to take longer depending on time of year or holidays.

Shipping is calculated by weight using five categories. Note that if you reach a minimum order amount listed at the top of the page (and updated weekly according to recent exchange rates), you will receive free shipping.





20-49 g

20 kr

30 kr

30 kr

50-349 g

45 kr

55 kr

70 kr

350-999 g

80 kr

100 kr

120 kr

1000-1999 g

120 kr

140 kr

170 kr

2 kg +

120 kr

280 kr

350 kr


At this time, 25% percent VAT is charged for Norwegian customers and the appropriate VAT is charged for EU customers. Buyers outside of Norway and the EU are responsible for any customs fees and duty. It is the buyer's responsibility to know the laws of his/her own country. For packages that are refused and returned, only the price of undamaged goods will be refunded.

Shipping is provided by Posten Norge and Bring. Shipping outside of Norway is not tracked beyond the border and I cannot be responsible for any packages that are not delivered. Tracking may be added for an additional fee by contacting me.