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Sock Blank - Rose to Deep Purple gradient

Sock Blank - Rose to Deep Purple gradient

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This gradient sock blank runs from pale to dark teal green. The blank consists of two threads knit together. The result is two identical skeins which is useful especially for socks. You can knit from either end.

I recommend unraveling and winding into two balls. If you can wind or cake it up and keep each end free, you can decide later whether to start light or dark. Why not even do one of each?

If you do not like the yarn spaghetti you get when you unravel it, you can make it into two hanks (be careful to place ties judiciously in order that it doesn't get tangled), soak it and let it dry. This relaxes it a bit.

75% Superwash Merino Wool, 25% Nylon

100 grams, 425 meters (divided into two equal parts)

Merino Sock