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12"/30cm Bamboo Circulars by Kinki Amibari

12"/30cm Bamboo Circulars by Kinki Amibari

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These 12"/30cm circular needles are made of bamboo with a nylon cable which are perfect knitting smaller circumference projects in the round.

Kinki Amibari is the oldest maker of bamboo needles in Japan and was established in 1916. It is located in Nara, Japan.

WHAT I PERSONALLY LIKE ABOUT THESE (in no particular order):

  • The tips are relatively sharp without being painful to the touch.
  • The rotating joint makes them more comfortable to work with.
  • The sizes are printed on the needles.
  • Knitting small circumferences in the round is much faster because there is no juggling of multiple straight needles or adjusting of cables (when using a long circular for magic loop).