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Collection: Hope Springs Eternal Shawl Kits and Sets

In the midst of sorrow, 
in the midst of fear, 
in the midst of loneliness,
in the midst of suffering, 
There is Hope. 
Hope for our friends and families,
Hope for our community, 
Hope for our country, Hope for our planet, Hope for our universe.


Kits and yarn sets for an asymmetrical shawl knit in garter stitch simply until you run out of yarn and/or wish to begin the lace border. There is a slipped stitch detail to call attention to the yarn it was designed for. That yarn is a semi-solid with a splash of contrast here and there paired with a matching mini-skein. This means that each shawl will be unique. The garter stitch section is written as a recipe with a small insert with both charted and written instructions. The lace border is also charted and written out.
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